V2X Token Staking

Stake. Earn. Prepare for War.

The development team announces the launch of their upcoming DApp called V2X Token Staking! Staking begins on 4/21 at 12:00pm UTC users will be able to begin depositing their V2X Tokens into the Staking smart contract.

What is V2X Staking?
V2X Staking is DApp that allows users to deposit V2XT into the smart contract and in return receive a share %. This share % dictates the reward allocation to each user that is shared between all stakers based upon all deposit and withdraw activity in the smart contract.

In addition your share % will serve as your Voting Power for the upcoming V2X DApp release “Token Wars”.

10% In 10% Out
V2X Staking is an hourglass structured DApp. Each user that enters the contract is charged a 10% entrance fee on all deposits as well as users withdrawing from the contract where a 10% fee is also applied. These fees are distributed in real time by the smart contract to all V2X Stakers based upon their share %.

Referral Structure
The V2X Staking DApp includes a 3 tier referral structure system to help maximize your earnings. Share your referral link with others to earn from the tiered structure.

Referral Tier1: 2%
Referral Tier2: 1%
Referral Tier3: 0.5%

Wait there's more?!
More divs! Users that stake in the V2X Staking DApp will also take advantage of additional dividends from other V2X DApps! Token Wars will be the first DApp that will begin to trickle rewards to V2XT Stakers in the form of Multi-Token rewards!



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