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V2X Token Staking DApp Launching 4/21/21 @ 12:00pm UTC

Stake. Earn. Prepare for War.

The development team announces the launch of their upcoming DApp called V2X Token Staking! Staking begins on 4/21 at 12:00pm UTC users will be able to begin depositing their V2X Tokens into the Staking smart contract.

What is V2X Staking?
V2X Staking is DApp that allows users to deposit V2XT into the smart contract and in return receive a share %. This share % dictates the reward allocation to each user that is shared between all stakers based upon all deposit and withdraw activity in the smart contract.

In addition your share % will…

Starting at 20:00 UTC on 3/21 FOMO will open its doors and allow users to begin making ticket purchases.

FOMO: V2X DApp on Shasta (Testnet)

Game Structure

  • 80% of purchase is distributed to users based upon their share% (tickets purchased)
  • 10% of purchase is distributed to the respected Tokens Reward Pool
  • 10% of purchase is distributed to the Global Reward Pool
  • There is a 1% burn added for T2X token transactions
  • Once a token pools timer expires the accumulated pool is distributed to the LAST 10 buyers for that pool based upon their share %
  • Once ALL token pool timers expire the accumulated pools are distributed…

The T2X Team in partnership with the Void Development Team, are proud to introduce to you…. XSWAP! Coming to the T2X ecosystem on 8/22.

The team will open Liquidity 24 – 48 hours prior to trading. On 8/22 we will then allow trading to begin.

*XSWAP UI shown here is subject to change for dapp launch

The T2X Team has partnered with the Team from Void, to come together and build T2X our very own swap exchange. Heavily inspired by the Void teams VoidSwap exchange and Voiddefi Dex.

XSwap will feature Voids leading anti manipulation measures, put in place to protect liquidity providers and safeguard the overall price of any listed…


Next Generation Staking Powered by TRON

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